Character Couture

Character Couture

Character Couture is a term coined by Maximizing Character leaders in 2014. It is defined as an outward symbol that functions as a reminder to maximize one’s inward strengths and values. Character Couture’s objective is to use a platform that youth can relate to, like fashion, to teach and promote good character. The title also refers to Maximizing Character’s annual youth fashion show. Since 2014 the Character Couture Youth Fashion Show has become the organization’s premier event, giving youth an opportunity to express themselves creatively as well as highlight character values. Models, ranging from school-aged to college-aged, highlight character values and their corresponding colors by way of modeling the latest fashions.

In addition to expressing their uniqueness and creative savvy, youth gain valuable  knowledge and skills as a result of participating in the Character Couture fashion show. Youth gain leadership skills, build self-esteem, gain money management skills, obtain health and wellness tips and gain social skills during rehearsals. Character Couture is definitely a fashion show with a positive purpose. Our motto is Style from Within.



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