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CAMP LAUNCH at The College of William and Mary – July 2017


​​Youth engage in service projects to facilitate thoughtful and effective participation in community life; develop compassion, responsibility, citizenship and to gain skills in cooperation, teamwork, organizational skills.​ Community Focus and Annual Service Projects include: Character Counts! Week, Character Day, Anti-Bullying Awareness, Adopt-A-US Soldier, Make A Difference Day, Junior Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF), Homeless Outreach, Annual Multiple Sclerosis (MS) WALK, and a host of other projects.

Character Couture

​Character Couture is defined as an outward symbol of one’s inward qualities. The term, coined and defined by members of the MC board of directors, also functions as a reminder to maximize one’s inner strengths and character values. Since 2015 Maximizing Character has hosted its Annual Character Couture Youth Fashion Show in order to promote good character amongst youth in a fun way. What better way to reach the youth with a worthy cause than by using something that they love…FASHION! This unique annual event features character values, colors, fashion, entertainment, music and lots of fun.


Character Couture is also a year-round character education program. Participants learn about important life skills and values during meetings and rehearsals and engage in fun activities like skating and bowling for team building. If you, or someone you know, is interested in modeling, volunteering or donating goods and services to the program or annual fashion show please contact us or send your donation. Your support will help youth to develop their character strengths, self-esteem and maximize their life potential!


​​Our premiere youth fitness program focuses on the importance of fitness and nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Events and activities are led by a certified personal trainer or TOC – Teens of Character (our Character Ambassadors). Maximizing Character is a community partner for the Let’s Move! initiative.

Check back often for upcoming events!


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